Getting a great manicure makes you feel like you are in heaven especially if the finally result meet your expectations. However, before picking up the phone and making an appointment with your favorite manicurist, read these tips from one of the best NYC celebrity manicurist, Miss Pop, so as to help you get a great manicure treatment.

  • Know the Difference between Gel and Acrylic

Before getting a great manicure treatment, it is important to note, they are two different types of manicures. The  Gel manicure and Acrylic nails. In a recent interview, Miss Pop, explains the difference between the two. “Acrylic Nail they’re essentially used to lengthen the nail or provide a stronger top layer over the natural nail.While Gel Manicure are shorter and come in  come in nail polish shades, and are made hard by being cured under a UV or LED lamp”



  • Nails do not need to breathe

We all desire to have a great manicure treatment. However, one of the most common question you hear while visiting a nail parlor is, does this type of gel, make my nail breathe. For years, women have believed that in order to get a lasting manicure results, your nails need to breathe for some hours. However, this is a myth. Nails are a basically dead, and so they do not need to breath. Letting your nail not to breath does not influence if you will have a great manicure

  • Getting a Gel Manicure can weaken your nail beds

While people fear getting gel manicure because of the thought that their nails wont be able to breath. However, to begin with nails are already dead, so there is no need to worry about them breathing.

It is important to note that gel manicure can cause harm nail bed and cuticles as they are the living structures of the nail. Improperly removing Gel manicure can cause harm to these structures. If you do not know to how to safely remove the gel manicure, make an appointment with a nail stylist or your salon.

  • The use of UV Radiation can be dangerous to your health

While the use of UV radiation has been in the salon industry for years, and possibility of it going away is almost zero. It has millions of people to get great manicure treatments. It can cause harm to you and your stylist. The good news is that companies have invested a huge of amount of money and time, to make the use of UV radiation less toxic. Some companies have introduced LED curing which does not have adverse effect as UV lights. Such companies include; OPI, Essie and CND. While visiting your salon, you should request for such, and in case there is none, wear your sun glasses to protect you.


  • Cutting your cuticles can increase chances of infection

While there is a lot of cutting, buffing and filling when it comes to gel manicure. It is vital to never let your cuticles be cut as it does increases chances of infection.  Instead ask your manicurist to have them pushed back.



For any woman, getting a manicure is one the things we look for. However, before  booking an appointment, make sure you read the above tips. It will help you to reduce risk of any health complication. Also, it will help you get the best manicure experience. If you are looking for more tips or wondering where to get certain treatments visit our site. We have all the best beauty parlor in town.

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