Are you overdue for a good waxing session? Have you been wanting to schedule an appointment, but aren’t sure where? Toronto offers several options for waxing salons that will fulfill your waxing needs. These salons are a variety of atmospheres, services, price ranges, and locations that are suitable for everyone. We’ve got the information, you just have to book your session and get ready to feel brand new.

1.Number one on the list is the Fuzz Wax Bar. This salon is widely known as a go-to spot for hair removal services, using a unique speed-waxing method designed to be as pain free and quick as possible. With four locations, including in the Annex and on Queen West, the Fuzz Wax Bar is convenient for everyone. The pricing of services ranges from $5 to $95 depending on your specific needs. Perks and savings are offered through their membership program.

2.The next waxing salon on this list is the Ten Spot. This beauty bar is also very convenient, with 12 locations all over the city they’ve got you covered. They offer multiple services including laser hair removal and waxing. Their pricing for services ranges from a low of $12 to a high of $295. This salon also offers additional services including nails, skin care, products and promotions.

3.Number three on our list of waxing salons is WAXON Laser and Waxbar. Their mission is to provide clients with the smoothest experience every time. Their waxing services pricing ranges from $7 to $198, while their laser hair removal pricing ranges from $125 to $320. There are seven locations around the city, all focusing on removing hair in the most convenient way. This Waxbar offers deals and promotions that include purchasing multiple services and receiving free services depending on how many were purchased.

4.The fourth waxing salon on our radar is the Aroma Waxing Clinic. This salon is perfect for anyone who knows a good deal. There are locations in the Annex and near Davisville station. The waxing clinic offers 15% off discounts every Tuesday and Wednesday. The pricing of services ranges from $6 to $131. They also offer sugaring services, which is a more natural and painless option for those with sensitive skin.

5. Number five for servicing your hair removal needs is The Wax Studio. Located near the St. Clair West station, this salon wants to make waxing as simple as possible. Their website includes a comprehensive list of waxing services with prices ranging from $5 to $45. Their list of services even includes removing those spontaneous patches of hair you may have.

Incorporating a wax into your beauty routine can be very beneficial. Toronto offers a variety of options for waxing and hair removal services that will help with those pesky hairs. Waxing salons are located all over the city for your convenience. Pricing ranges from “Budget Beauty” to “Boss Beauty”, all you have to do is choose the best salon to fit your needs.

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