Sometimes, we just can’t wait to get into a salon. Coronavirus has kept us all in our homes, but our hair keeps growing! If you are desperate for a haircut, we have some steps for you to follow.

1. Don’t use your kitchen scissors!

Using dull or inappropriate scissors for cutting hair is guaranteed to cause regret later. Kitchen scissors have too large of a blade and will result in a choppy cut. Most drugstores carry inexpensive haircutting scissors. They are also available online. Once you have your scissors, only use them for cutting hair. Buying hair clips will also help you section your hair during your haircut.

2. Start with clean hair.

Cutting hair is easier when your hair is clean and damp. It is also possible to cut your hair dry. Hair springs up as it dries, so cutting your hair dry, while more difficult, can help prevent hair length surprises! Either way, clean hair is the way to go.

3. Start with a small trim!

When cutting your own hair, always start small. You can always cut more if needed. Be conservative, knowing if your hair is damp, it will be shorter as it dries.

4. Now is not the time for a drastic change in hair style.

We know how it goes, you feel cooped up, your dying for the pick-me-up that comes with a fresh hair style. However, big changes should be saved for your hair stylist. Hair stylists are trained in cutting and layering hair according to your hair texture, volume and desired effect. For now, getting those split ends off will have to do.

5. Use small sections of hair at a time.

Part your clean hair down the middle, and section it into one-inch sections. Use hair clips to help hold sections of hair. After removing the desired amount to the first section, match it to the next section. Step back and check frequently that your hair appears even. For longer hair, you can comb all of your hair forward and cut a line across.

6. Do the twist!

Trimming bangs or layers is very tricky. When cutting hair, horizontal cuts highlight errors. Twist your bangs and nip the ends. If they aren’t short enough, repeat until they reach the desired length. Bangs almost always seem shorter than you think they are while cutting. Be conservative! Layers can be cut in a similar way, layer a section of hair and nip the ends.

7. Hold your scissors vertically rather than horizontally.

Many of us have a childhood photograph with uneven bangs that our mom cut right before pictures. This is the result of trying to cut a straight line while holding scissors (probably kitchen scissors) horizontally and making a straight horizontal cut. Sectioning hair into small sections while holding your scissors up and down will help you avoid an uneven result.

8. Use hair clippers for short hair.

If you have short hair, consider using a hair clipper to clean your neck and clean up the length of the back of your hair. Here you will likely need to ask a family member for help. Beard trimmers designed for men also work for this purpose.

9. Style as usual and note uneven areas.

Dry and style your hair the way you normally do. Examine your haircut and note any areas that may need a touchup. Remember, start with a small amount of hair!

10. Don’t expect perfection.

Accept that it might not be perfect. It is hard for even professional stylists to cut their own hair! But even slightly imperfect, it will feel good to clean your hair up and get off those split ends. Hair accessories can help you hide any imperfections!

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