When you look good, you feel good about yourself. Your hair is one of the first things people will notice about you. You’ve probably been out and noticed a woman’s hair cut and thought to yourself, “Wow, that is a gorgeous style, I wish my hair looked like that!”. Just think of having that beautiful style for yourself and receiving similar comments. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to feel confident when finding and going to a new hair salon. It’s a daunting experience that can leave you feeling frustrated if you don’t get the cut you want.

Finding the Perfect Salon

In order to find the perfect hair salon, you need to be picky. Don’t just go to the first one you see on the street corner that’s open late because chances are you’ll walk away dissatisfied and angry. Online reviews help a lot when determining the right salon, as they’ll give you some insight into what the establishment is like and which stylists are worth trying out. You’ll even come across some reviews that are negative in nature and tell you of a person’s horrendous experience at a local salon. While these types of reviews shouldn’t be taken fully to heart because they could just be written by a disgruntled client, they should still be taken into consideration.

On MyParlr.ca you can search for hair salons near you and then read their reviews. This is a good starting point in your search for the perfect salon. Also if you see a friend, relative or even stranger with a beautiful hair cut, don’t be afraid to ask them where they go to get their hair done. Be sure to not only to ask them where they go, but which stylist they use. Hair salons often have multiple stylists who work throughout the week, and no two stylists cut hair the same way. Sometimes, it’s not so much the salon that you go to, but the stylist you have cutting your hair.

Knowing What Hair Style is Right for You

Before visiting the new hair salon, you should have a clear picture in your head for what cut and style you’re looking to achieve. Having a basic understanding of your face shape can help in determining the right cut to complement your look. For instance, people with rounder faces do well with shoulder length layered cuts because it reduces hair thickness and prevents the “pyramid” look that is so common without layers. Don’t hesitate to print out a picture of a hair style you really like and bring it with you. A good stylist can replicate a picture without a problem.

Remember that your new stylist is the professional. While they should and will listen to what you say you want, they’ll also give you helpful suggestions on what might be more flattering for you. Just because a hair cut looks great on a celebrity’s photo doesn’t mean that it’ll look good on you. In some cases, the way you normally style your hair will have an impact on how the cut will look. For example, you might go into the salon with a photograph of a hairstyle that’s blown dry, curled and gelled, but you only let your hair air dry during the week after showering and don’t have time to style it with products; your stylist will ask you how you style your hair at home before cutting it.

Don’t be scared to try out new looks and new stylist. If you’re not happy with your style right now or don’t like the cut you received the last time you sat in the salon chair, go to another stylist. Even though getting a bad cut is devastating, changing salons and finally getting the style you’ve always dreamed of can be empowering and rejuvenating.

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