Everyone can use a massage from time to time. In addition to making you feel relaxed, a massage performed by a trained massage therapist can heal strained muscles, eliminate headaches, ease anxiety and increase blood flow throughout your body. Massage has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and as more studies come out, we continue to discover more scientifically-proven benefits of this unique form of therapy.

If you have ever been to a spa in Toronto, you’ve certainly seen a list of different massage treatments that are available in Toronto. With so many different types of massages to choose from, it can be hard to select the one that is best for your very specific needs. While some massages excel in relieving stress, others are ideal for people who have chronic aches and pains. By understanding what the different types of massage treatments can do, you can choose the treatment that will leave you feeling relieved of your specific ailments.

Swedish Massage
The Swedish massage is perhaps the most popular massage of all. This massage encourages deep relaxation and is gentler on the muscles than other types of massage therapy. A Swedish massage therapist will use a series of long strokes and kneading motions in order to loosen up tense muscles and stimulate blood circulation that allows the muscles to completely relax.

Because this is the most gentle form of massage therapy, many massage specialists suggest that you go with a Swedish massage if you’ve never experienced massage therapy before.

Shiatsu Massage
Also known as acupressure massage, the Shiatsu massage has been practiced in Japan for hundreds of years. Your shiatsu therapist will use their fingers, fists and elbows to stimulate trigger points throughout the body. According to this ancient practice, the body is full of trigger points that represent important bodily functions. By loosening up these trigger points, the entire body can function in a healthier way and energy can flow freely throughout the body.

Although many people believe that reflexology is simply a foot massage, the science behind it is very complex and fascinating. According to ancient Chinese medicine, the foot contains a series of trigger points that represent different organs throughout the body. By pressing on these trigger points, healing energy flows to their corresponding organs. Additionally, reflexology can bring tremendous pain relief to people who are on their feet all day long.

Thai Massage
While many types of massages take place on a bed, a Thai massage typically takes place on a mat that is placed on the floor. Your massage therapist will move parts of your body around to force you into positions that are similar to yoga stretches. When you are placed into these positions, you will feel your muscles being stretched, allowing feelings of tension and discomfort to slip away.

Your Thai massage therapist will also use their fists, fingers and elbows to engage pressure points along the body, alleviating pain and tension that is deep within the muscles.

Now that you understand what each type of massage can do for you, it’s time to set up an appointment and reap the benefits of this amazing form of therapy. Click here to find a spa or massage near you.

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