Which is the best hair salon in Toronto? The short answer is that it really depends on who you ask and where you look. But then there is the longer answer, which takes a bit of looking deeper and some reflection about personal preference.

Toronto Blog lists the “best hair salons” in Toronto, where Bob + Paige hair salon on the Danforth is at the top of their list. This may not be meant as Bob + Paige is actually the best on the list, or even in Toronto for that matter. But it is a popular salon that grew so fast that it had to move into a bigger space not long after opening.

From 29 Google reviews, Bob + Paige has a 4.4 average ranting. But if we look at how a salon is rated by reviews, Salon Solis would be one of the best salons in Toronto. Its website says that the salon is “Toronto’s best hair salon,” and based on 265 reviews, it has a 4.9 rating. That does speak to considerable social proof.

Salon Solis

But as hairstyle is an art form, we could also ask industry professionals. Here the Contessa Awards are the Oscars of the industry, and the 2017 Contessa Awards list the Canadian hairstylist of the year. Unfortunately, for Canada’s best haircut you will need to go to Edmonton, where the 2017 winner was Tony Ricci from salon Ricci Hair Co. And for the best hair salon in Canada, you will need to go to Salon Pure in Montreal.

Toronto only has Canada’s best nail artist at Tips Nail Bar. However, the awards also list the best salon by province, which can be seen as the local runner up to the winner. Here the best hairstylist in Ontario was Sandro Macri at Salon Collage.

Salon Collage

Sandro has spent 30 years in the industry and serviced thousands of clients. He has world-wide experience and training, which makes him an expert in his field. He also describes himself as charismatic and personable with the intuitive insight to listen to his clients and interpret their wishes.

The last part is probably the most important in finding out what is the best salon for you. You can have the best hairstylist in world, but if the communication between you and your stylist is not good, the result can be bad. This is why in the end, the real answer to the question – which is the best hair salon in Toronto – probably comes down to personal connection between you and your stylist.

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