As businesses reopen in Toronto during the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are eager to return to their hair salon. Hair salons, like other businesses, have had to adapt to new regulations. These regulations help keep salon workers and clients safe. Knowing what to expect ahead of time will make your appointment go as smoothly as possible.

Going to a beauty salon is complicated simply because of the close proximity stylists have with their clients. As you anticipate returning to your hair salon, you will find differences before you even sit down in the chair.

Salons are required to maintain a distance of 2 metres between employees like every other business. If they cannot do so, they are required to install plexiglass between workstations. Depending on the layout of the salon you are visiting, they may have lowered the number of stylists that can work at any one time. This could result in a longer wait for your appointment. There will be time in-between appointments for cleaning and disinfection between clients.

Appointments should be made by phone or in person. If your salon allows walk-in appointments, you will be asked to stay in the parking lot and call them when you arrive. Please note that only the client is allowed in the salon. Family members, including children, and friends are not allowed to accompany the client. Appointments may be staggered to limit the amount of people entering and exiting the hair salon at the same time. A sign posting the amount of people allowed on the premises at one time will be posted.

When you arrive, you will find that waiting areas will be closed. Whether you made an appointment ahead of time or not, you will be required to wait outside until it is time for your appointment. You will likely be screened for Covid 19 with a series of questions when you call the beauty salon and once you enter. You will see official signage when you enter with these same screening questions. You will also see a sign saying that wearing a mask properly is required in the premises at all times. Arrows and distancing reminders will be visible on the floor. You will be able to have services done for your hair, but all facial grooming services are suspended for the time-being.

You may be slightly apprehensive to resume hair services. It may help to understand the strict standards of cleaning and disinfection that are required of these businesses. Masks will be worn at all times, and staff members are instructed on how to launder their masks or how often to replace disposable masks. Eye protection will also be available to staff. In addition to mask wearing and social distancing, you will find unnecessary materials like decorations and magazines will be gone. You will not be allowed to bring in or consume drinks or food while in the salon. Tools will not be shared between stylists and hand sanitizers will be available throughout the salon.

A rigorous system of cleaning and disinfecting is required of salons.
All stations are cleaned and disinfected between clients, including the sink, hose, spray nozzle, faucet handles, chair, tools and all hair washing product bottles. You will have a towel or disposable plastic placed on the neck rest of the chair when hair washing. Towels and gowns will be laundered immediately after one use.

Brushes are not allowed under current regulations, so your stylist will use a clean towel to wipe any stray hair from your neck and shoulders. Hair drying increases the risk of respiratory droplets being blown around. Masks will be required, but if you choose to forego blow drying, just let your stylist know.

You can expect the salon to encourage touchless payment transactions at the conclusion of your appointment. If cash is used, alcohol-based hand sanitizers will be used before and after handling cash. The phone, cash register, credit card machine, door handles and restrooms are cleaned and disinfected a minimum of twice daily.

Hopefully, these tips will help you navigate your return to your salon. By following these regulations, we can do our part to keep each other healthy and keep our businesses open!

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