MyParlr helps your new clients find and book your beauty services.

As an online directory, MyParlr offers you a simple way to connect with new customers in your neighborhood. By listing your business or services on MyParlr, you will get a strong web-based presence and benefit from our leading online marketing, allowing you to take a step back from promoting your business. Elegant, simple and easy to use, MyParlr offers you a way to generate more revenue without the stress of thinking about how to get new clients, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Listing your business or service on MyParlr is free and easy, and you can get started by clicking the bottom below. Please note that your listing is subject to approval and editing.

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To list your business or service, and get more clients, simply follow these three steps:


1. Create an Account

Creating an account on MyParlr is easy. You simply set up your account by entering a username and your email address. Be sure to use the email of your business, as new clients will be booking your services and asking questions using this email.


2. Submit Your Listing

Submitting a listing using MyParlr is super simple. Using Google Places, we’ve made entering the address of your place easy, as it will auto complete the listing address.

The listing form is simple and helps you submit your details quickly. Besides a description of your business or service, the form also allows you to upload a cover photo and a gallery images showing off your work.

Note: The email that you list will be the email that new clients will be using to book services. You may also list your website address and get a back link to your website. However, to get your website link approved you must return the favour. We ask you to list MyParlr is the following way: “Our business/salon is listed on To book online please visit: [your listing page]”


3. Get More Interest In Your Place

MyParlr will provide you with an online presence and new clients. But there are also things that you can do to get more interest.

When listing your business or service, try to remember that new clients will review your listing and later rate your services. Therefore, try to make your listing as appealing as possible. This includes not only the photos that you submit, but also the text that you choose to write. Try to make both as inviting as possible, and be sure to include your different services in the text, as this is one way that new clients will find you.

Note: if you copy and paste text from your website or other place, your listing will not rank well. Therefore, write unique text for your listing so that more people will find it.

Also, when servicing the new clients that you get from MyParlr, remember that they will likely review your work after.



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